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quodlibet cover grid

jeudi 1er mai 2014, par b_b

Original issue (created in 2009).

Source code @guthib, originally @bitbucket (first try was in this gist @github).

Edit ~/.quodlibet/config and set cover_size = 100 to display bigger covers in the grid.

quodlibet cover grid


 you’d have to replace the Treeview with an Iconview, basically
 re covers, you have to use set_cell_data_func and set the image there, similar to the list code
 replace __cover_column line 386 (no need to toggle covers :p)
 replace __cover_column line 591
 use class inheritance in order to avoid AlbumList code duplication
+ I don’t think the on demand loading works right.. and maybe does something stupid instead which makes it slow
+ maybe we should not display [small]<~discs|<~discs> - ><~tracks> - <~long-length>[/small] by default ?
 fix __popup method to get context menu on covers (problem is that popup-menu signal is for RCMTreeView which is "linked" to treeview)
 find a way to use TreeViewHints to get tooltips working (used personal tooltip function instead)
 add an option to hide text details in the grid
+ add an option to display infos within the cover, reference
+ set a personnal default icon for album, mix of qudolibet logo and this or that from elemetary noise.
+ use fancy shadows on covers ? see this issue on coverart
 fix bug with CTRL+M
+ make a nice pull request on github

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text embed from coverart-browser


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